Ultra fresh and very trendy, Up!, the sandwich shop
permanently in touch with your hunger whether great or small.

Just one watchword: Quality.
Quality of our welcome, quality of our products and our service.
For over two years, Up!
has been welcoming you into its sophisticated decor,
focussed on "design, nature and comfort".

Its hallmark? Ultra fresh products, chosen from well-known suppliers,
with a wide selection of buffets prepared on the day itself, while you watch.

The menu? A selection of sandwiches, varied salads, wraps, desserts,...

The plus factor? A business service where you can also invoice your office for meals eaten during meetings.

Just peckish? Do you fancy a friendly break with colleagues or friends, or just have time to eat a sandwich?
Come to Up! the place to eat.

Price take away

Viennese pastries

  • Chocolate croissant1,50
  • Croissant1,50
  • Breakfast meal (Viennese pastry + coffee)2,90
  • Medium meal (1/2 a baguette and jam + coffee)3,40

Hot drinks

  • Coffee/Tea/Deca1,50
  • Cappu/Latte2,00
  • Double espresso3,00
  • Espresso1,50
  • Macchiato2,00

Cold drinks

  • Coca/light/zero1,80
  • Ice/light/green/peach tea2,00
  • Carpe Diem3,60
  • Feel Good3,30
  • Tao2,90
  • Smoothie3,10
  • Apple juice/orange juice2,50
  • V82,50
  • Perrier/San Pellegrino2,50
  • Evian/Vittel2,20

Soup of the day

  • Per bowl4,00

Savoury tart

  • Per portion4,80
Price take away


  • Selection of tarts3,90
  • Fruit salad3,50
  • fruit (apple - banana - pear - ...)1,50
  • Muffins3,00
  • Cookies 3,50 (2 pcs)
  • Macaroons (6 pcs)5,00

Toasted sandwiches

  • Ham, cheese5,50
  • Hawaii5,50
  • Italian5,50


Fresh lunch, Good taste!


  • Véritable

    Jambon cuit, emmenthal, tomates, œufs, mayo, salade4,90
  • Rustique

    Pain de viande « maison », emmenthal, tomates,
    concombre, moutarde, salade5,20
  • Parma

    Jambon de parme, mozza, huile d’olive, roquette5,50
  • Tartare

    Haché de bœuf, copeaux de parmesan, sel, poivre,
    huile d’olive, roquette5,50
  • Normand

    Préparation « maison » au thon (baies roses,ciboulette mayo)
  • Ibère

    Serrano, copeaux de parmesan tomates séchées, roquette4,90
  • Chica Loca

    Poulet, ananas, sauce curry, cressonnette5,20
  • Américain

    Américain préparé, cornichons, oignons blanc vinaigre,
    tomates, salade4,90
  • Forêt noire

    Jambon forêt noire, emmenthal, beurre moutardé, salade5,50
  • Campana

    Mozza, tomates, tomates séchées, pesto, cressonnette5,20
  • Petit béret

    Brie, noix , raisins, mi4,90el
  • Végétarien

    Courgettes et aubergines grillées, tomates séchées,
  • Oméga 3

    Saumon fumé, concombre, philadelphia, cressonnette5,90
  • Poulet

    Poulet, cheddar, tomates, guacamole, salade5,20
  • L'Anglais

    Bacon, cornichons, tomates, beurre moutardé, salade5,20


  • Méditerranée

    Grilled vegetables, parmesan, roquette, dried tomatoes7,00
  • Garrigue

    Mixed salad, bacon cubes, croutons, fresh tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs7,00
  • Caprese

    Tomatoes, buffala, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar7,00
  • César

    Smoked chicken on mixed salad7,00
  • Chèvre

    Goat's cheese salad, walnuts, apple7,00


  • Oriental

    Hummus, mint, grilled zucchini and aubergines, dried tomatoes5,90
  • Viking

    Smoked salmon, red onion, guacamole, lettuce5,90
  • Maya

    Chicken, bacon, guacamole, salad5,90
  • Grec

    Feta, tomatoes, cucumber, cressonnette5,90
  • Belgo-belge

    Cooked Ham, Emmental cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, salad5,90

Hot Ciabatta

  • César

    Chicken, parmesan, tomato, fried onion6,60
  • Chicken

    Pepper sauce, chicken, gouda, tomato6,60
  • Classique

    Ham, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise or ketchup6,60
  • Végé

    Grilled vegetables, dried tomatoes6,60
  • Exotique

    Chicken, pineapple, curry sauce6,60
  • Boulette

    Meatball, Emmental cheese, mustard, fried onion6,60
Price take away

"January" suggestions

  • Wraps chaud "mexicain"

    Poulet, guacamole, gouda, tomates, carottes râpées6,50
  • Sandwich "poisson pané"

    Poisson pané, tomates, concombres, salade, sauce tartare6,20
  • Salade "carpaccio de boeuf"

    Carpaccio, parmesan, citron8,00
  • Plat du mois "lasagne maison"

    Chèvre, épinards et lardons7,50


  • Good Morning Platter *

  • Selection of mini-Viennese pastries (chocolate croissants + croissants + Danish pastries)
  • * Served for a minimum of 8 persons
  • Plateau Good Breakfast

  • ½ baguette + beurre + (confiture ou Nutella ou fromage)
  • + 2 mini-viennoiseries (croissant + pain au chocolat)
  • + 1 Minute Maid orange
  • Travel Breakfast Bag

    price on request
  • ½ baguette + butter + (jam or Nutella or cheese)
  • + 2 mini-Viennese pastries (croissant + chocolate croissant)
  • + 1 fruit salad
  • + 1 Minute Maid orange
  • + 1 cookie


  • Sandwiches platter

  • Sandwiches / Wrap platter

  • Your various sandwiches and wraps can be arranged on trays, halved for the price of 6 euro / person ex. VAT. Shipping fees are 15 euro and the payment method is cash or invoice receipt thereof.
  • Bread surprise *

  • Box of 25 mini-sandwiches
    ham / cheese / American / rillettes / salmon
  • * suitable for 8 persons
  • Travel Lunch bag

    price on request
  • 2 bread rolls (ham, cheese or Italian ham)
  • 1 small side salad (pasta)
  • 1 bottle of still water
  • 1 cookie

Coffee break

  • Break platter

  • Assortiment desserts moment

Information for the delivery


2/4 passage charles Rogier
B-1210 Brussels
TVA BE 0812 275 822

Tel 02 201 75 10
Fax 02 201 76 10


9 Square Frère-Orban
B-1040 Brussels
TVA BE 0534 811 280

Tel 02 231 13 31
Fax 02 230 88 81

  • Orders must reach us no later than the previous day (before 14.00) for next day delivery.
  • Written confirmation must be sent to us by fax or by e-mail.
  • Invoice requests must be provided in writing with the order and give all the details required.
  • Orders must be paid for on receipt of the invoice
  • Delivery charge
    Deliveries: 15€
    Minimum order: 40€
    Prices valid since 01/09/2015 - Our prices are published ex. VAT.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any special requests.